Psychometric tests attempt to assess someone’s ability to perform certain functions and tasks. Really, psychometric tests are a form of IQ test. There are many different types of psychometric tests in use today, all of which attempt to assess a different type of intelligence. Psychometric tests are often used as part of the recruitment process and their importance is on par with the interview process. The most commonly used psychometric tests for recruitment purposes are verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and inductive reasoning.

Verbal reasoning tests aim to test someone’s critical thinking and reading comprehension skills. They are normally in the form of a passage of text about a random topic. You then face a series of statements about that topic. It’s your job to figure out if the statement is true, false or you can’t tell, based on the information in the passage.

Numerical reasoning tests aim to test someone’s ability to analyse data and perform basic calculations. They are normally in the form of some data presented in a table, graph or chart. The dataset could pertain to any topic. You’ll then be asked questions which involve interpreting the data and performing some basic calculations, utilising arithmetic, ratios, percentages and rates of change. They’re normally multiple-choice quizzes with 4-5 answer options.

Inductive reasoning tests aim to test someone’s ability to identify and understand abstract patterns. You’ll be shown a sequence from left to right of 4-5 squares which contain other shapes and symbols. Each of these shapes and symbols are following some type of pattern from left to right. Your job is to identify these patterns and then select which square comes next in the sequence. You’ll normally have 4-5 answer options to select from.