South Africa contributes a large portion of its national budget towards education and skills development. With university education in South Africa in something of a crisis and out of reach for many, there needs to be an alternative way to bring education & personal development to the population.

By making training and skills development available to people, be it in the form of learnerships, artisan courses, short courses, workplace training, we can help people to upskill themselves and stand a better chance of escaping poverty. This would give South Africa a more skilled workforce, in the position to innovate and bring new ideas to the country to combat challenges we face and strengthen the economy.

Skills development and training is an investment. Beyond just the economic benefits of skills development (which should not be understated), there are also enormous personal benefits.

By helping people to further their education, no matter where they are in life, we can open up many more doors to them. They will be able to consider things that never seemed possible before – new ideas, new job opportunities, the chance to get out of poverty – and achieve new levels of personal success and belief in themselves.

Skills development is the first step in the journey of further education and training and BahatiSA can assist you and your organisation!

This is why skills development matters. It is how we can ensure that the South Africa of the future, the South Africa we leave behind for our children, is built upon a solid foundation that will stand the test of time.

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