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We connect solutions across key industries to innovate software development, solutions and products. Our client sectors include private and public and expand within South Africa and International markets.

Food wastage, outbreaks of foodborne illnesses, compliance regulations and higher consumer expectations are critical factors driving rapid change in the Agricultural industry. As a result, farming enterprises in the food supply chain include the manufacturing plant floor, to transportation and logistics operations, and retail companies are challenged to implement more effective food safety, transparent & traceability solutions.

BahatiSA’s solutions enable inventory visibility, digitised checklists, automated temperature monitoring and sensing, labelling and more.

With retail technology solutions, transformation is happening faster and in more ways. By optimising operations with a digital backbone that drives results, convenience stores are energising the customer experience.

BahatiSA can help you create convenience store solutions that improve inventory visibility, deliver curb side efficiently, maintain food safety and keep the customer experience convenient, safe and more.

To compete in today’s market, manufacturers need improved quality, faster cycle times, and increased visibility and flexibility, all while meeting regulatory compliance.

Through our network of partnerships having more than 50 years of leadership in printing, scanning, RFID reading, locationing and mobile computing technologies, manufacturers can rely with total confidence on the performance of our broad portfolio of manufacturing plant floor technology solutions.

Drive productivity across the plant floor by leveraging track and trace solutions, rich data capture and predictive analytics. Access software platforms that unite processes and coordinate intelligence.

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