Psychometric Testing

BahatiSA is a partner of the Health Professions Council of South Africa, as such is able to deliver upon client request the use of psychometric testing to make more informed decisions on development of self and the people within the organisation, as well as outside.

The science of psychology applied 

Whether you are recruiting new talent, selecting graduates, setting up leadership and coaching frameworks, team development, are restructure culture, we have answers to your people questions and modern, yet pragmatic ways to solve your needs.

As specific industry sectors evolve so does the need for improved skills and development of the team, BahatiSA assists our clients in measuring the following aspects:

  • Cognitive: measures a candidates problem solving styles, looks at their current and potential work environment as well as strengths and weaknesses, this assessment is key to understanding how people think and creating a development plan around this.
  • Emotional Intelligence: covers a full self report on a candidate’s emotional and social functioning i.e self awareness, relationships with others, how they deal with problems emotionally etc this is extremely useful for leaders to understand about themselves and what areas to grow and work on and how they deal with stress.
  • Integrity: measures an individual’s propensity for risk-taking behaviour and relative likelihood to engage in counterproductive work behaviour. Personality-based integrity measure developed with the specific aim of minimising a range of negative behaviours that can cause harm to an organisation, or individuals within an organisation.
  • Personality: Assesses candidates preferences and styles in the workplace in more depth leading to better understanding of characteristics and traits

 All scoring of tests are fully aligned with international best practice and whether you require software reports or online assessments you will be well supported in this process within South Africa and internationally.

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