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Bahati is a partner and ambassador on a global transformation playground. The place where 4,900+ exponential thought leaders, innovation coaches, disruption specialists, startup founders and tech industry gurus gather to transform the world for a better future. 

Our objective is to transform businesses to become exponential.

So, what is an Exponential Organisation?

The first three industrial revolutions have been ushered in by entrepreneurs, makers, thinkerers and inventors. Often without advanced education, facing enormous odds and risking everything, these people brought about the evolution of our civilization and an unprecedented age of technological progress. They literally built our current world with their hands, transforming nearly every part of human society in the process.

We can call them ‘builders’ and ‘transformers.’ We now find ourselves at the verge of the 4th Industrial revolution, the most transformational one to date, drawing on the rapid and simultaneous advancement of dozen or so technologies including artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, quantum computing, drones, augmented and virtual reality, nanotechnology and biotechnology. Its implications can help us venture beyond the boundaries of our planet, connect and collaborate in unprecedented ways and completely reinvent how our businesses and institutions operate and how we live our everyday lives.

A book ‘Exponential Organisation’ published in 2015 by Salim Ismail, Micael Malone & Yuri Van Geest betters explains why  in the fourth Industrial Revolution this type of organisation are emerging at this current time in history (and not before), and how current organisations must act, or even how to create one of them or become one of them.

Today we often witness how organisations and companies such as Google, Facebook or Airbnb, are capable of increasing their staff from only a handful of employees to hundreds of thousands all over the world and, from not producing any revenue (or only a very limited one) to earning millions, or even billions, of dollars with profit margins never heard before. And all this in just a few years (or even months). What’s more, these organizations are able to transform whole industries and to completely change the market game rules. How ? through the use of abundance thinking and leveraging off exponential technologies…

​Research conducted later identified the major characteristics, common traits of Exponential Organizations (including the top 100 fastest growing startups).

Common across these companies is a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP). The MTP is the higher, aspirational purpose of the organisation that aims to transform the planet. Exponential organizations (ExOs) intend to accomplish near-miracles – not the things found in most traditional vision and mission statements.

​Beyond the MTP, there are ten attributes that reflect the mechanisms that ExOs leverage to achieve exponential growth. This is captured using two acronyms: SCALE to reflect five external attributes, and IDEAS for five internal attributes. They use the two hemispheres of the brain as a metaphor to frame ExO attributes.

We offer the following:

MTP WORKSHOP – the MTP is the higher aspirational purpose designed to capture the hearts and minds of those inside and outside of the organisation.

The outcome of this session is a well constructed purpose statement that you will be able to drive throughout your organisation and communicate to your customers.

The benefits of the MTP workshop is aligning self – and employees to a shared vision and purpose that is massive, it creates and defines a company culture and values.

Awake session: An awake workshop reinforces and will take you through the process of digital strategy and transformation. Why it is much required right now then ever before and creates an indepth understanding of the big picture and how to get your business to scale. The benefit of this is to make leaders of the organisation aware of the cost reduction strategies and opportunities that exist. You will also have an opportunity to go through an Exponential survey and canvas exercise.

EXO Sprint

The ExO Sprint is a repeatable innovation process to help large organizations move the needle on big-picture results such as share price, profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

​In just 10 weeks, the ExO Sprint massively accelerates your organization’s ability to evaluate and respond to hidden disruptive risks and opportunities—driven by emerging technologies and fast-changing customer needs. We create four teams of your managers and coach them to master new skills for exponential success and the ability to implement proven innovation processes within your business.

The expected outcome and benefits include an awareness of the external disruption affecting your industry and role, understanding the blueprint for industry transformation, a portfolio of breakthrough Core and Edge projects to radically transform the organization ready for implementation and acquiring internal capabilities to run future ExO Sprints with or without Bahati’s support.

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