Covid-19 Back to Work Strategy

Has your business been affected by the lockdown in South Africa? Well, we all have been affected in one way or another and that is why BahatiSA has embarked on a journey to empower its clients to minimize risks associated with the effects of Covid-19 in the workplace across South Africa. Whilst we appreciate the government and the lockdown that saved countless lives, we know that businesses need to get back to their workplaces as the lockdown stages are changed to allow different industries to commence trading. The reopening of the economy poses significant risks for organisations as they need to operate within the confines of the law in order to remain legally compliant in their operations. Any business that is found to be trespassing health guidelines issued by the Department of Health risks hefty fines and being totally shutdown.

Add that to the fact that the guidelines are updated on a daily basis, how can you be sure that your business will keep up? BahatiSA is there to assist. We have certified health and safety professionals across the country to help your workplace to comply with the ever-changing guidelines. Our company has the necessary means to assist your organisation to craft its Covid-19 Back to Work Strategy.

From the health risks posed by the disease, to the shuttering of economic activity, our ‘Back to Work Strategy’ has all the necessary ingredients for your organisation to navigate through this turbulence. We offer end-to-end Covid19 Management Solutions that include the following:

  1. Health & Safety: Workplace Risk and Audit Assessments
  2. Online Screening and Testing
  3. PPE Supplies and hand sanitisers

BahatiSA risk assessors work according to well-defined protocols to examine the covid-19 risks in the workplace and to mitigate these risks through a systematic approach. These health and safety assessors identify all activities that have to be executed to control each risk. As risk is categorised as being High, Medium or Low risks, BahatiSA risk assessors suggest control measures they consider to be the best to maintain workplaces in the lowest risks categories possible.

All BahatiSA risk assessors are well-trained and rely on vast experience within the HSE field. As a department of health partner, we have first hand information on different requirements that are being put in place to mitigate covid19. We also know the penalties of non-compliance on covid19 issues. On each covid19 risk assessment, our valued clients can also request a free health and safety assessment on other risk areas besides covid19.

Our specialists continuously update their knowledge and skills and closely monitor trends and developments in the industry to offer only the best guidelines and risk mitigation. This close monitoring of covid19 developments, puts them in the best position to identify possible risk at an early stage and to advise companies about control measures that should be considered to nullify or minimise risk to acceptable levels.

The control of incidents and success of control measures is monitored and re-evaluated every three months and clients are briefed continuously to ensure they are aware of the risk pertaining to their workplace.

Do you need an obligation free consultation call with one of our experts? Please fill in the form below. On filling our form, you will receive our free covid-19 business recover starter kit. You will receive a free 15-20 minute consultation  and the good part is it’s all for free.

Why free? As a medium sized business with founders who have been building relationships with customers over the years, we realise the importance of giving back to society and there is no better time to do this than during this hard time that we are all facing as a nation.


Covid-19 Management Plan
  • Compressive Risk Assessments
  • Conducting in-depth Health and Safety Compliance Audits
  • Implementation of all health and safety control measures
  • Legal Appointments
  • Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
  • Health and Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Health and Safety Training
Online Screening and Tests

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Clinical screening software platform, coupled with a PCR Throat/Nasal Swab test

  • Smart thermographic bullet body temperature measurement Camera
  • Clinic in a box
PPE Supplies
  • KN95 Masks
  • 3 PLY surgical masks
  • Face Shields
  • Thermometers
  • Powder free latex nitrile gloves
  • Hand sanitizers and disinfectants

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