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BahatiSA, specialising in technologies and consulting since 2018.

About Us

BahatiSA, a level 1 BWO enterprise specialising in technologies and consulting, was established in 2018. Bahati, which means good fortune and success in the Swahili dialect, was started to support people and organisations in solving and transforming some of their internal workforce problems to more exponential and futuristic solutions through digital transformational strategies and implementation.

Through a well-established local and global presence within the digital community, it became possible to make an impact in South Africa. And with the onset of the Covid pandemic, only highlighted our ability to be flexible and adaptable to change. This also enabled the business to be directly affiliated with technologies to drive larger and more effective changes than ever before. This was mainly attributed to our resolute leadership and vision and the ability to leverage off-key partnerships.

BahatiSA has evolved since its inception - with the aim to accelerate creativity through sustainable solutions, the company’s goal is to optimize business and people development through the use of disruptive technologies and proven success methodologies across sectors at a global-wide level.

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