Transforming mindsets and organisations through purpose, disruptive thinking & learning.

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BahatiSA is a  level 1 BBB-EE woman owned enterprise specialising in Innovative Business Transformational Consulting and Mindset Coaching. We understand, in this digital and disruptive era the importance of transitioning to a more agile, transformative and innovative way of work. As disruption occurs so does the affect on markets, humanity, culture, finance, offerings, work, business models and skills.   

BahatiSA is a partner and ambassador on a global transformation ecosystem with more than 4,900 coaches, investors, consultants and innovation specialists helping organizations, institutions and people unlock abundance to change the world of work and its people..

Through our consultation and workshops programmes well tailored for your needs, we enhance your organisations ability to disarm the “corporate immune system”, make the mindset shift from scarcity to abundance, and develop internal innovation capabilities.

Furthermore, we are passionate about the development of human consciousness and growth and the impact this has on leadership and culture. Transformational Mindset Coaching plays a huge a role in understanding ourselves better (internal) and hence creating a better world (external). We go the extra mile for our customers by offering added solutions such as Psychometrics Testing and Recruitment Services to ensure your companies ‘People Strategy & Business’ goals are reached.




COVID-19 Back to Work Strategy

Our unique approach focuses on walking businesses through an innovative transitioning process regarding strategy and company purpose. Aligning to a culture that’s engaged, purpose driven and optimally skilled.

BahatiSA – ‘Bahati’ meaning Fortunate or Success in Swahili, an African language which aims to create just that – a platform for success in the lives of others by driving opportunities that create meaning and purpose in day to day living and through the world of work. BahatiSA exists to transform mindsets and organisations through purpose, disruption thinking & learning.


What are we solving?

Business transformation in the fourth Industrial Revolution

Shifting mindset from scarcity to abundance thinking through coaching practices

Purpose and Passion

Business models and exponential technology

Futuristic way of work: Post COVID 19

Our Blog

A guide to thriving in the post-COVID-19 workplace

A guide to thriving in the post-COVID-19 workplace

22 May 2020 Blair SheppardGlobal Leader, Strategy and Leadership, PwC Even before COVID-19, many workers around the globe lacked key skills - including digital capabilities. Upskilling in preparation for the changes to come post-COVID-19 should be a critical part of...

Five Key Neuroscience concepts for Transformational coaching

Five Key Neuroscience concepts for Transformational coaching

    Forbes Coaches Council POST WRITTEN BY Avinash Anand Singh A transformational coach, leveraging the power of science & ancient wisdom to help people discover their genius & manifest their big dreams.   Coaches play a crucial role in helping...

What are psychometric tests?

What are psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests attempt to assess someone’s ability to perform certain functions and tasks. Really, psychometric tests are a form of IQ test. There are many different types of psychometric tests in use today, all of which attempt to assess a different type of...

Five soft skills you can practice immediately

Five soft skills you can practice immediately

The power of soft skills in the workplace for 2020 Everyone can be a leader at their own level. These are the top five soft skills you should start practicing immediately. How do we determine what it means to be a leader? What are the qualities, and how do you...


Bahati was instrumental in improving the culture of our workplace through engaging workshops and coaching sessions. Our employee engagement has sky-rocketed, ultimately creating an environment that is productive and positive. Thank you Bahati!

– K.N

We are incredibly grateful to Bahati for their extensive knowledge on organisation and team development. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have Bahati work with us.

– M.W

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